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    • Natural Lavender Oil, Steam Distilled

      Natural Lavender Oil, Steam Distilled


      Anti-viral and anti-bacterial, lavender oil was the natural antiseptic of choice for the ancient Romans all the way to World War II, when its use was supplanted by man-made chemicals.

      Today lavender oil is a natural product cherished for its reputed health benefits. We use organic lavender in place of aloe for household burns and cuts and to ease the itch and swelling of insect bites. Of course, lavender oil is also used to lightly scent areas and as a mild, natural scent to fragrance all laundry and linens.

      The list of uses goes on... As our fields continue to mature for a 2018 distillation in Maine, we have our oil specially distilled in Oregon, where a family of four grows lavender naturally and practices healthful steam distillation. All oils are organically grown, steam distilled and responsibly sourced.

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