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    • Linen Lavender and Buckwheat Pillow

      Linen Lavender and Buckwheat Pillow


      Crisp linen fabric in a lovely linen weave is made into 8 x 8 inch squares of lavender-filled goodness. Filled with a mixture of our finest Dutch hybrid lavender bud and organic buckwheat hulls for loft, these extra-large sachets are a store favorite. Use to finish a bed, placed in your favorite reading chair, or wherever a dose of lavender is needed. People often give these as get-well gifts; they make for a gift that lasts far longer than fresh flowers. With a hidden zipper, these are easily emptied for cleaning or refilling years from now. Made in Maine and all natural - naturally!


      Blue Ticking
      Blue Ikat
      Green Ikat
      Green on Green Silk Embroidered
      Blues/Greys/Off White