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    • Glendarragh Laundry Detergent

      Glendarragh Laundry Detergent


      Keep your laundry as pure as the rest of your surroundings. Made in Maine of natural ingredients for Glendarragh Farm Lavender, our suds-free laundry soap can be used for delicate and normal loads alike. You can also use this powder with warm water for cleaning walls and other surfaces you wish to keep free of synthetic materials. Enjoy clean clothes — and a clean home—naturally!

      Directions: Add 2 tablespoons per load for top-loading washers—or 1 tablespoon for front-loading washers—and wash as desired. Used for linens, delicates, sweaters and more at Glendarragh. 80 loads front-loading washer; 40 loads top-loading washer.

      Ingredients: Sodium Bromate, Soda Ash, Coconut oil, Clay Powder, Vinegar, Lavender Essential Oil.