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    • Glendarragh Epsom Bath Soak

      Glendarragh Epsom Bath Soak


      Relax in a magnesium-rich Epsom salt soak delicately infused with lavender, rose petals, sunflower petals and essential oils of lavender and rose geranium.Presented in a half liter Weck glass jar, our soak is a treat for the senses and a gift to your skin. Packaged in German-made Weck jars, these soaks makewonderful gifts.
      Lavender Lavender
      Rose Geranium & Lavender Rose Geranium & Lavender
      Rosemary & Lavender Rosemary & Lavender
      Lemongrass & Lavender Lemongrass & Lavender
      Clary Sage & Lavender Clary Sage & Lavender